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MEET: Louise Roskell from Loupin & Dors – CONTRIBUTION BY DEBORAH BEAU

12 January 2016


Well, Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I hope you enjoyed the holidays with family and friends and are feeling relaxed, refreshed and optimistic about the new year that lies ahead.

Introducing Loupin & Dors 1

I have to say that I spent most of the Christmas break offline and it did me the world of good. We stayed at home, made the most of the local festivities, went for long walks in the French countryside and as my eldest art student son Dylan was at home we crafted, painted, constructed, mended and ‘faffed ‘ together, which I absolutely love!

Fostering creativity has always been one of my key priorities as a parent and I’m happy to say that all three of my children are arty, imaginative and full of resources. They inspire and nourish me on daily basis, keeping me young, alert and curious. I’m pretty sure that my guest maker today Louise Roskell can identify with that, so let’s have a closer look at her very inspiring creative world.

I discovered Louise’s work via her beautiful Instagram account Loupinanddors_homegrownstudio and have been hooked ever since. I think it’s pretty obvious why!

Introducing Loupin & Dors 2

Louise studied contemporary craft at Manchester University in the UK. After working for over eight years as a professional stylist for an interior design company she has developed a style that has morphed into Loupin & Dors. When her second child was born she utilized the time from work and tells me that “Through the eyes of my young children I seemingly develop a naive, childish simplicity to my work and have been on my creative journey ever since”.

Introducing Loupin & Dors 3

Inspired by both her young family close to home, as well as her friends in the local community, she has created a style of her own that fully embraces the influences on her doorstep – “Who I am and where I live go into much of what I create”.

Introducing Loupin & Dors 4

Louise hopes to develop herself as an artist, continuing her journey with an open mind in order to produce her own fresh style. Scrolling down the images on her IG feed it is easy to see Loupin & Dors’ core values of naivety, mixmedia, simplicity and creative play – everything I love. “Playing is the real way to work, the longer you have to play, the better” (Patricia Urquiola) she quotes, determined to continue pushing her boundaries and ultimately build her skills in an evermore experimental manner in order to adapt and grow.

Introducing Loupin & Dors 5

If you ask her to share her dreams she will answer with a twinkle in her eye “to achieve more than I ever imagined!”. What greater creative inspiration can offer at the start of this new year?

Introducing Loupin & Dors 6

You can follow Louise’s creative journey on Instagram and Facebook. Here’s hoping she opens a shop one day…

The End



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You can learn more about our contributor Deborah here, and follow her over at her blog Kickcan & Conkers, her tumblr Plumes & Feathers, also on Pinterest & Instagram.


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