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Introducing Deborah Beau – The Latest Member Of The Junior Team

27 November 2015


Happy days!!!, Super excited to introduce you to the newest member of our team here at The Junior – the lovely Deborah Beau from Kickcan & Conkers, our latest regular contributor. I’ve been so inspired by Deborah’s blogging for sometime now, she has a real talent for searching out the interesting, the beautiful and the unique…Come and be introduced…..


Deborah Beau, the face behind Kickcan and Conkers

Well a big Bonjour from the sunny South of France! I’m absolutely delighted to be contributing to The Junior Daily today, and I am looking forward to sharing my finds with you on a regular basis. If you’ve ever visited Kickcan & Conkers you’ll know that I love blogging, and that I have been doing so for a quite a while. I’m Deborah Beau, by the way, a Yorkshire lass living in the Camargue with my French husband and three children Dylan, Savannah and Miles. I came to France almost thirty years ago and of course, fell in love with mon homme Dominique and the Mediterranean way of life. We’re out in the country now, renovating a big house in a small olive grove, surrounded by nature.  It’s definitely the slow life here but a great environment for our children to grow up in. La vie est belle  – Life is good – and I strive to share beauty every day!

At home by Deborah BEAU, Kickcan and Conkers

When did you first start blogging, was it something you just fell into?

Kickcan & Conkers went live in June 2009. I took a three-year break when Miles, our third child, was born, and by the end of it, in my early 40’s, I knew that I wanted to do something creative. I was following quite a few French blogs and loved the community spirit that prevailed at the time. I decided that I wanted to open a small e-store selling quirky vintage and design-led modern finds for kids but knew I had to create a strong online presence in order for it to work. 

Simple finds curated by Deborah BEAU, Kickcan and Conkers

You have a real talent for seeking out unique and beautiful things, has this always been the case?

What a lovely thing to say, thank you! I guess I have always liked to be different. I spent a lot of time with my Gran growing up in the UK. She used to take me to jumble sales, coffee mornings and charity shops almost every weekend. She was a very thrifty lady and I think she played an important role in shaping my tastes and ability to spot unusual things. 

Désuet, a must-see French e-store selling one-off gems like this crowned duck by Désaccord

I love creative, vintage-inspired décor and Désuet is bursting with ideas!

What do you love most about blogging?

Well, blogging has changed a lot in a fairly short space of time. I think people used to read blogs more and comment regularly a couple of years ago. I loved the community spirit that prevailed then.

I really enjoy the process of searching, writing, curating and sharing. I had no idea that I had a “voice” or that I could inspire people before I started. Blogging has given me such much self-confidence and led me to meet so many like-minded people off and online!

 I have discovered hidden talents all over the world and love helping promote their work via my social media presence. I will always remember when Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mikes mentioned my blog in the early days; I was over the moon to have been noticed by somebody so inspiring and revered in the blogging world. It makes me happy to be able to do the same to other “newcomers” waiting for a break. 

Rafa-Kids always get right!

With 3 children, do you have any favourite children’s brands or places to shop?

I am a vintage / charity shop /flea market lover through and through! My three children (well Dylan is almost 20 now) have all developed a strong personal style mixing secondhand items with highstreet fashion. They are half English after all, and enjoy being creative with clothes! 

My teenage daughter Savannah used to love wearing outfits and accessories by La Princesse au Petit Pois and Marie et Rose Alice, two beautiful French brands, and I have long admired the originality and flair of EFVVA.  As far as kid’s décor is concerned, I absolutely adore the vintage style of Les Petits Bohèmes and Le Désuet. Rafa-Kids’ cool, modern designs are a definite fave too. The Wandering Workshop, Sarmiento and Milimbo all make beautiful design toys. 

Beautiful wooden toys by Sarmiento

Marie et Rose-Alice, one of my favourite French brands

Do you have a favourite children’s story book you can share with us?

I was a real bookworm when I was younger, devouring tomes of children’s literature with a torch under the bed covers at night. Enid Blyton’s The Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair series were definitely much-read faves, along with Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild.

Olivelse, a favourite French blog full of kids' design and art inspiration

And just because we’re interested………..

You’ll Never See Me Without: 

A very old silver chainmail bracelet belonging to my father in law’s mother. It’s heavy, really well-made and goes with everything! Oh, and I always carry a spare pair of contact lenses just in case – I have a good eye but I’m as blind as a bat!

When I Feel Inspired:

Running, running, running. The older I get the more I need to be outside in all weather. Wide open spaces give me a buzz, I can dance all night (I studied drama at university and thought I would spend my life on stage) and art, gosh, ART!!!  

Fashion or Interiors?

Both! I love fashion, always have done, and all my creative energy offline goes into renovating and decorating our home. Both are a huge part of who I am, I think I have quite a strong personality and it shows through my choice of clothes and interiors ( In addition to my blog I curate a tumblr called Plumes & Feathers in order to share my finds. There’s so much inspiration out there!).

My Favourite Season Is:

The Summer! I’m a Leo, sunshine is my middle name!

The Only Place Better Than the South of France is:

My hometown Ilkley in West Yorkshire. I spent 18 years there and think about the moors every day. Bronte country is beautiful!

Family Is:

Absolutely Everything!

Above All Else:

I’ll be 50 next year and we will also be celebrating our silver wedding anniversary, so, the wise old owl that I am, says Here and Now and Be Yourself. Life is a wonderful gift, look after your body and mind and enjoy every single moment!


Recommended Blogs:

Well, I still follow so many, it’s difficult narrowing it down to just a few. The art room plant by Hazel Terry is an absolute treasure trove of creativity, I don’t know how she does it! I love Mme Chacha, Olivelse and Et Dieu Créa, their kid’s photography on the blog and on IG is incredibly beautiful!  Oh and Fine Little Day, because Elisabeth is in a league of her own


Keep an eye out for Deborah’s regular posts starting in the coming weeks, in the mean time for a daily dose of inspiration from Deborah you can follow her over at her blog Kickcan & Conkers, her tumblr Plumes & Feathers, also on Pinterest & Instagram.


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