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Introducing Tinta Luhrman aka @tintading – The Latest Addition To The Junior Team

6 August 2015


And so today we are excited to announce the latest addition to The Junior team, our newest contributor the wonderful Tinta Luhrman aka @tintading. We’re absolutely thrilled to have Tinta joining us after falling in love with her playful images the first time we saw them, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same….

How can these images not make you smile? With a back ground in styling, design and visual merchandising it’s easy to see how creative Tinta is, taking everyday objects and turning them into something beautiful.

tinta mix 5

After working her way up to a management role in the corporate world and a bout of acute meningitis Tinta decided she was on the wrong path and quit her job to focus on family and work that makes her happy, and tintAding her business collaboration with Diana Maria allows her to do just that.  “For me, spending time with my daughter and doing what I want to do is so much more satisfying than working 80 hrs a week and coming home with a big pay check”.

Living in the Netherlands Tinta can now be found following her dreams restyling vintage finds and sharing imaginative, playful images of her daughter. We cant wait for her first post – stay tuned!

tinta 7

tinta 6

You’re Instagram feed is such a visual feast, so many unique and beautiful images, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from everyday things. For instance seeing an old fabric or organic structures in nature give me such a good vibe . Also I try to not read too many interior magazines and I don’t use Pinterest, I see that more as a distraction. I love to work from a gut feeling and don’t like trends, why love something only on a short term?

tinta 3

You’re obviously passionate about vintage finds, has this always been the case?

I have grown up in the south of the Netherlands and there 2nd hand markets and antique markets are part of everyday life. And a stones throw away from Belgium and France that are also renewed for there markets. I just love it when something has a proper background story to it, just like people. When you go through a lot there is a better story to tell.

tinta mix 1

tinta 4

Can you tell us more about your new project tinAding it looks amazing, how did the idea come about?

I have always loved to make a sparkling object out of something “ugly” Giving something old a new look makes you look different to things. Love to develop new concepts, the process of making something and then letting it go to do something else again just never gets boring and it challenges me to keep going and re inventing. But I was looking for someone to share my passion with and, very unexpectedly I might say, the collaboration with Diana Maria started. She is very good with fabric and knows when to pump the brake. Sometimes I can be rather impatient and want to do so much. We want to develop a new “tintAding”concept every season. New colours, new vision new concept in total. All of our products are old and we give them a new life. Unique and handmade off course. All one off products. In tintAding I can really express myself and my love for painting, designing and develop.

tinta 9

tinta 5

Tinta with business partner Diana Maria – image credit Roos Jooren

tinta 8

Did you have a strong imagination as a child?

I played outside a lot when I was a child, building tree houses, playing with the other neighbourhood kids, arts and crafts clubs, making soup and cakes with berries and dirt. Just a creative outside child!

What is your fondest childhood memory?

City trips with my father. He travelled a lot for work and sometimes I could come. The best memory is on the ferry to Sweden, the ice-cream that he bought me I can still taste to this day.

tinta mix 3

We love the images you take of your daughter Dieuwertje, what has surprised you most about motherhood?

That love is so strong and unconditional and can make you so strong but weak at the same time. Also the mirror that she holds in front of me.

Do you have any favourite children’s brands or places to shop?

No specific brands, I buy a lot of second hand and combine this with more expensive but fair brands. I love basics like Petit Bateau. A child has to feel comfortable in its own clothing.

tinta 11

Can you share your favourite children’s story book?

I love children’s books with beautiful illustrations without text, just imagining a story with your child is priceless. The best is that without asking you get to hear how her day was spent, how cool is that?

tinta mix 4

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Waking up in a camper van and opening the doors to let the morning air in and breathing it in, then walking bare feet through the grass towards the beach. Being outside all day and then heading back to the camper van bed at night. And then repeating for at least a couple of weeks!

tinta 10

And just because we’re interested………..

You’ll Never See Me Without: Tattoos

When I Feel Inspired: Then I am happiest and impatient!

Fashion or Interiors? Interiors!!!!

The Only Place Better Than the Netherlands is: Sweden, Australia and New Zealand

My Favourite Season Is: Autumn

Family Is:  My boyfriend Rutger and daughter Dieuwertje and dog Paxi are at the top of my priority list. When they laugh I laugh even harder.

Above All Else: Do what feels right, you have only one life.



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Keep an eye out for Tinta’s regular posts starting in the coming weeks, in the mean time to see more from Tinta and tintAding  you can follow her on Instagram @tintading


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