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14 November 2014

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It’s Friday Freebie time again, (this week has gone so quickly!)! As we mentioned last week, each Friday we’ll be bringing you something cool to do with your little ones that you can download and print for free. This week, gorgeous forest themed shadow puppets..

Let their little imaginations run wild creating their own night time enchanted forest. This large collection of shadow puppets will keep children of all ages entertained, the animals include:  A bear, beaver, 2 rabbits, squirrel, hedgehog, buck, deer, 2 birds, a fox and a wolf.

Simply download your shadow puppet templates here, print our the puppets on to black cardstock paper and then carefully cut out the different animals. Glue a straw to the back of each animal, apart from the birds which ‘fly’ better when attached to a straw with a piece of cotton or thin string (see images below).  Allow to dry and your ready to go. Enjoy x




When choosing straws, the paper straws tend to stick a lot better and faster then the plastic kind.






{Source: Confetti Sunshine}

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  • Mbah

    OK, I have just started puttnig together a new fun educational play room for my four kids which will also double as our home-school room. I have planned for one of the four corners to be a dramatic play area with a puppet theatre, but wasn’t sure how to accomplish this yet. WOW! This would be perfectly fantastic!

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